Fune minimalist tray tea tray coffee tray wooden handcarved tray platter TeaTom 1
wooden tea tray MORNING MIST
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A hand-carved wooden tray in the minimalist style ideal for your relaxing moments with your favourite cup.  

tea tray from walnut coffee tray serving tray wooden handcarved tray TeaTom panto tray 5
wooden tray RAINDROPS
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A hand-carved wooden tray in the minimalist style ideal for your relaxing moments, for instance, when you have your home office break. Enjoy it with style.

wooden tray SEACOAST
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A hand-carved wooden tray ideal for your relaxing moments with tea or coffee and your favorite snack. Enjoy your home office break with style.

Individual woodcarving course in Prague with TeaTom making wooden objects workshop for foreigners hold in Prague woodcarving in Prague 2
Individual woodcarving workshop in Prague (1 day)
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On this 1:1 or 2:1 workshop, you can choose to carve a Japanese wooden tray called Wagatabon or a wooden bowl. You will discover the beauty of working with silent hand tools and...

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Welcome to my slow wooden world

My name is Tomas Heller, in my craft, I combine a love for tea, nature, and woodworking. I like to experiment with aesthetics, traditional joinery, and all little details which make the final creation the original. I focus especially on custom-made tea tables, trays, woodenware, benches, decors, and other bespoke pieces.


TeaTom philosophia:

  • Create with joy and in harmony with nature
  • Use of traditional and forgotten techniques of wood carvers, joiners and carpenters
  • Learn and seek inspiration from craft masters across Europe and distant Japan
  • Work with hand tools and the energy of the whole body
  • Precise work – every little detail has its own meaning
  • Know the origin of TeaTom wood
  • Worship and refurbish old tools
  • Spread the beauty of honest craft and pass it on to future generations
  • Always with a cup of tea for a fresh mind and inspiration
  • Promote rest and relaxation rituals

I am looking forward to your questions, inquiries, and orders.

Shipped directly from my workshop - Prague, Czech Republic