wooden tray RAINDROPS

A hand-carved wooden tray in the minimalist style ideal for your relaxing moments, for instance, when you have your home office break. Enjoy it with style.

Made to order
Code: DROPS 01
Brand: TeaTom
3 800 CZK
Category: Wooden Trays

Each tray is original based on the natural grain and aesthetical nuances of the wood.
Similar carving pattern and surface finish can be done on your customized tray. 
Please contact me for custom-made orders and further details regarding aesthetics and production time. 

Wooden tray inspired by Japanese aesthetics. This model I named "raindrops" because drops of rain inspired me to carve random fast grooves in the central part. The tray is hand-carved from our local European walnut from the Czech Republic.

Surface finish: hard wax (food safe)

Dimensions: 38,5 x 11,5 x 1,1 cm




Hello, this is me, Tomas Heller - owner of this shop. I create under the name TeaTom - wooden trays, home decors, accessories, and minimalist furniture. All with hand tools, rather than machines.

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