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wooden tray RAINDROPS

A hand-carved wooden tray in the minimalist style ideal for your relaxing moments, for instance, when you have your home office break. Enjoy it with style.

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Code: DROPS 01
Brand: TeaTom
Category: Wooden Trays

Wooden tray inspired by Japanese aesthetics. This model I named "raindrops" because drops of rain inspired me to carve random fast grooves in the central part. The tray is hand-carved from our local European walnut from the Czech Republic.

Surface finish: hard wax (food safe)

Dimensions: 38,5 x 11,5 x 1,1 cm


Each tray is original. Please, put just 1 piece in the CART.

If marked as SOLD, do NOT put it in the CART.


Hello, this is me, Tomas Heller - owner of this shop. I create under the name TeaTom - wooden trays, home decors, accessories, and minimalist furniture. All with hand tools, rather than machines.