Individual woodcarving workshop in Prague (1 day)

On this 1:1 or 2:1 workshop, you can choose to carve a Japanese wooden tray called Wagatabon or a wooden bowl. You will discover the beauty of working with silent hand tools and using traditional techniques of woodcarving. The whole day we will be speaking about wood, tools, and life over many cups of good tea. After the whole day of working with wood and your hands, you will feel great satisfaction from creating a tangible, real and beautiful object.

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Depending on whether you choose to make the wagatabon tray or wooden bowl you will be working with various hand tools like gouges, carpenters chisels, carving knives, axes, Japanese saws, hand planes as well as some antique tools I have in my collection. The key thing of woodworking is to have always sharp tools. This is another important part of the workshop we will be going through and what you will acquire for your future projects. During the whole day, I will be happy to share with you all my knowledge about wood, craft and techniques I have learned on my wooden journey till today. 

Where the workshop will take place?

Point One, campus of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - ČZU
dormitory F, 2. floor
Kamýcká 1281
Praha 6 – Suchdol
165 00

When do we start our day?

The workshop usually starts at 9 am and ends around 8 pm.

How do I reserve the date?

Please contact me on my phone or email to arrange the date and speak all the details and questions.

tel: +420/728368510


You can also give this workshop in form of a GIFT VOUCHER to your friends or family. Let me know the name of a person and your email in the order description. You will receive the voucher in your mailbox. 

The GIFT VOUCHER does not have any due date, but I recommend to use the voucher within one year. 

It is also possible to arrange the workshop for a couple (DUO course). In case you want to enjoy the day with your partner, friend, or family member. Contact me please if you are interested in this option.


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Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!





Hello, this is me, Tomas Heller - owner of this shop. I create under the name TeaTom - wooden trays, home decors, accessories, and minimalist furniture. All with hand tools, rather than machines.

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